Colter Wall – Colter Wall

colterwallThis guy is 22 … fuck the right off. Seriously? Who is 22 and sounds like this? Go ahead, listen to him while I wait … seriously, it’s worth it. I’ll wait. 

See!? What the fuck is that shit? When I first heard it, I jumped on YouTube. I imagined a worn face full of stories, pockmarked by cigarette burns thrown from disgruntled ex-girlfriends slamming the door to whiskey soaked breath. But no … despite trying to hide that baby face of his with a beard and a thick hat, he’s fucking 22. He sounds like he’s going through his fourth divorce with a stripper named Sinclair that he met in Elko, Nevada that he accidentally married one night while high on amphetamines only to wake that morning next to Johnnie Barber (Johnny Paycheck’s former drummer) asking him for 50 large so he can co-invest in an alligator farm somewhere outside Blue Eye, Alabama. But again, the kid’s fucking 22. Also, he’s from Swift Current, Saskatchewan. And if you don’t know Swift Current, it’s nudging onto almost 17 thousand people. Now of days, he’s the fucking opener for Lucinda Fucking Williams. Good for you man. You’re a bearded Cinderella story. 

Despite being young, the kid has chops as well. In the song, “Thirteen Silver Dollars” the first song and first single, he talks about getting hammered and waking up to the motherfucking RCMP, “painted on that shiny car the letters ‘RCM and P”. They ask him his name and where he lives. He responds by singing Blue Yodel #9 by Jimmie Rodgers. The cop, and most likely a lot of listeners, don’t get the joke (The same situation happens in the Jimmie Rodgers song, he replies to the cop, “You’ll find my name on the tail of my shirt. I’m a Tennessee hustler, I don’t have to work. So listen all you rounders you better leave my women alone, cause I’ll take my Special and run all you rounders home.”) Colter doesn’t go into any of these details, he doesn’t have to. He’s a boy (sorry man) of few words from Swift Current, Saskatchewan. 

So, this isn’t a new country album. It’s more of an Americana style (Canadiana actually) with a mix of folk. There are some songs where if you don’t like country at all you’ll shut it off. This isn’t Ryan Adams, it’s not a country that can appeal to 15-year-old blonde girls going on their 4th heartbreak. It feels, and acts, like Outlaw country. That Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson shit. My favourite shit. The real shit. And … it’s a country that doesn’t pander and must be autobiographical. The less real it is, the easier it is to let go of. And I have to say, I’m not letting go of this album. 



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