Antonio Sanchez – Bad Hombre

badhombre“We have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them out.” Donald Trump. Oct. 19, 2016. 

Well, fuck … he went and pissed off Antonio Sanchez. What? You don’t know Antonio? Have you ever seen “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”? It was a pretty big movie. Well, that’s him drumming in the back. Which part? The entire fucking movie. It’s his soundtrack and he won a grammy for it. He’s also a jazz drummer extraordinaire but I’m reluctant to say this. I don’t want people listening to this album and thinking of a jazz drummer, they’ll get the wrong idea.

His grandfather is Ignacio López Tarso, a famous Mexican actor. His voice begins this record. It coats the record with its message. This is a protest album influenced by bands like Hiatus Kaiyote, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Bonobo, and Little Dragon. Those famous drum programmers (exempting Hiatus Kaiyote, no programming in there) just happen to be replaced by a jazz drummer with chops enough to move at the speed of electronics and mutiny. When Richard D James (aphex) built robots to play acoustic instruments he asked the question, “Is this still electronic music? When does it stop being electronic music and just become music?” With this album we have an echo of this, “At what point does it stop being jazz? When does it just become music?” And this is why I’m reluctant on bringing up that Antonio is a jazz drummer. It’s better to just listen.

There is something fascinating about the drums. Alligator skin drums were used in Neolithic cultures in China dating 5500-2350 BC. That’s way old. Like way older than your grandfather and his balls and just look at those fucking things … they’re so old and droopy and wrinkly. It’s fucking gross. In the 19th century junjungs were used as a war drums in Gambia. Drums have been used for protest and war for thousands of years. I’ve heard theories that it has something to do with the heart beat. That makes sense to me. It’s that beat that keeps you alive. When in a full rage, you hear it pulsing in your ears. After hard physical work, you can feel it thump inside your neck. Whenever the rubber needs to hit the road, when shit has got to get done, that beat is with you. So, what sound do you think Antonio heard when Trump said shit about Mexicans? What sound would drive through your ears if someone painted your entire being, culture, and family name with the broad stroke of a phrase, “bad hombres”, and say, “we’re going to get them out”. I know what would be hammering in my ears and it goes, “Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom.”



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