No Age – Snares Like a Haircut

noageIt’s punk Monday motherfucker. 

This L.A. punk duo has been around for 10 years since their release “Nouns” in 2008. And, when I say punk, don’t try to chop off my head. It’s a definition that has meant so many different things to so many different people. The word has taken on so many forms and subjects. Some assholes use this term to describe Good Charlotte’s music. These people have no soul and will not go to punk heaven (aka hell?). Others say if it’s not as hard as Bad Brains it’s not punk. I’ve heard it said that if the lyrics aren’t political, then it’s just skinny kids trying to get laid. But, isn’t that a major part of punk music?

As far as this wide genre is, this is a more accessible punk album. Accessible … what a terrible word in the punk genre. How about welcoming? Digestible? No, that only makes the hole I’m digging deeper. I’m going to throw this album in with the term “Dream Punk” and just call it quits. 

Punk lover or not, this is a fantastic album. It’s intellectual, not just smart. It explores the world of drone and neoclassical just as much as it does punk. It has that depth of “In Utero” with the edginess of “In Utero”. It has a raw edginess that is undeniably punk, but then it adds all these extra layers that might make those pure punkists uncomfortable. But that’s just how things work now of days pure punk Grandma. It’s time to tap the heels of those red doc martens of yours and wish yourself back to the good ol’ days at your Kansas farmhouse punk jubilee when you gave your first handy to the drummer inside the hay bails. 

Music has grown so much due to the internet. The entire history of music is just a click away. Go onto Wikipedia and type punk and you’ll be able to read an in-depth history of the genre going back to the days of monkeys throwing shit in protest of anarchy. I understand when it comes to a music style that was built on the idea of being undiluted, it’s difficult to move forward. But just remember, The Clash (as much as I hate to admit it) was a boy band formed on the model of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. They might have eventually become something else, but that’s how it started. Maybe punk wasn’t as undiluted as everyone thought, maybe it was just made during a time when it was easier to sell lies. Corporations sold the protestors their signs.

When I hear this album, I hear something clean and undiluted. It was created this way, and it was sold the way it was made. A tap was opened in early 2000s, and what came out was pure untapped undiluted music of all genres. How punk has changed is incredible. I can’t picture anyone disliking this album from start to end until I talk to people who only listen to “pure punk”. Those who can’t get past the fact that they were lied to back in the day. What do I say to them? Get over it already. Lies aren’t that big of a deal anymore. They come and they go. Giant political powers and corporations lie all the time and get caught all the time. Hell, I bet it won’t even make the Monday news.



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