METZ – Strange Peace

metzHold your onto those butts cause things are about to get really, really, loud. 

Have you ever skimmed through those Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and Jesus Lizard records and wondered, “What happened to bands like this?” Well, I’ll tell you what happened. METZ tied them up, set them afire inside their homes, and made snow angels from the fallen ashes. This is music you play before getting into a fight with a room full of coked out, and ironically strong, muppets. The sound waves will give you enough adrenaline to chase down drunken kangaroos and superman punch venomous snakes in the face. In their stupid snake faces! As soon as this record starts, you’ll find yourself fist pumping the air like a frat boy and you’ll continue to do so through the entire album.

Is it loud? Huh? Sorry, I can’t hear you that well. Damn right it is. Is this loudness pleasurable? As pleasurable as an evening spent betwixt the sheets with Eros where you just pound the shit out of each other.

Steve Albini, the man who gave In Utero and Ty Segall’s self-titled album its sound, adds his finesse to a band that has already proven they’re a force to be reckoned with. Look, if it was just loud, I wouldn’t give a shit. Sure, these guys can play their instruments like a monster truck rally taking place in town square; a lot of bands can. But, there is way, way, more to METZ than this. Don’t kid yourself, these guys are the future of rock and roll. I first heard them while driving down the highway, sometime around 2012, and my reactions went as thus: “Whoa. Wait, what? No fucking way. Is this real? Damn right. Finally.” To be honest, I can’t understand much of what these guys say. But that’s never been the point of this kind of music. Yet, when you look at these lyrics they have a craft to back up the jams. Unlike some of my favourite rock bands that seem to jumble lyrics together inside a hat and pull them out at random, “‘I’ll take all blame. Aqua seafoam shame. Sunburn with freezer burn.’ (Some of the deeply thought out lyrics from the wise mystic Kurt Cobain on ‘All apologies’). But when you listen to what these guys have to say they speak of existential crisis, nihilism, and a general wandering that fits so perfectly with the style you wonder why anyone does it differently. It’s like if someone took rock, boiled it down to its essence, and made it into a Molotov cocktail. This is an album that will make you forget about the good ol’ days of rock and roll and look into the future, while staring off into a setting sun, as you say, “Rock the fuck on, motherfuckers.”



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