A.A.L. (Against All Logic): 2012 – 2017

AALThere’s a bizarre part of myself that loves Drum and Bass and House. I’m ashamed of it sometimes. Not because I think the genre is lame or something like that, but because I can lip sync “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” with an eerie precision. I remember drifting off while listening to the Chemical Brothers in the backseat of a car. I wasn’t “of age” yet. And my daydreams were filled with the thought of fantastic clubs full of bubbles and strobing lights and beautiful people. I remember feeling so free. When the bass dropped, it was as if the entire world was exploding and wouldn’t stop. Instead of being scared, everyone danced and laughed like they we were new gods claiming dominion over mount Olympus. It was fucking awesome. 

By the time I could go to clubs filled with bubbles, strobing lights, and beautiful people, I was incredibly disappointed. Nobody told me it would smell so weird. That miasma of fruity perfume, bad Cologne, cheap hairspray and cigarettes, and most of all thick body odour. These weren’t Greek gods: they were walking erections. Peppered throughout were silk shirted gentleman wearing tight white pants trying to grind on something resembling a human female. I returned home and threw on some good electronic, closed my eyes, and returned to the domination over mount Olympus. 

Gone are the days of the Electronic era. There’s still electronica, in fact, it’s fucking everywhere. But now if it’s a good beat there’s most likely a rap on top (just listen to Big Fish Theory and try and convince me that’s not House). But this is a rare example of a House record in the modern world. There are a couple of vocal licks, but there’s no rapper on here. 

So the name behind the name is Nicolas Jaar. He had a big release in 2016 with the album “Sirens”. This motherfucker runs a label called Other People that releases music from people like William Basinkski and Lydia Lunch. He releases this new album under the alias A.A.L. I understand, as it’s a totally different style. This is more like a J Dilla release than it is a Nicolas Jaar release. 

More than anything this is just fun fucking music. It will help you move and groove throughout the day. It brings me back to those days of listening to electronic in the backseat of a car and drifting off in la-la land. It’s great atmospheric music. In fact, you could totally throw this on at a party. Get some lights, a bubble machine, and most of all a bunch of booze, and potentially have a pretty good dance party. You may not have dominion over the cosmos anymore, but for a minute or two, you may forget the pains and aches of a day. And isn’t that worth it? Echo the moments throughout history when humans stopped to dance: Block parties during blackouts, swaying during a protest song, or cavemen smacking sticks onto logs and dancing around an open fire. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be intellectual, it just needs to feel human.



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