Suuns – Felt

suunsTime to get fucked up.

Listening to Suuns will get you stoned. No need to smoke, snort, or inject. Though, it might make it easier if you have a bit of something. These guys are, essentially, an experimental rock band with a pop mentality. Radiohead, basically. So … why would you give a shit? The world doesn’t need another rehashed version of Radiohead lasagna (I call this: Radiosagna). That shit is never as good the next day, never mind the next decade. The songs are half-groovy clubish Alt-rock electronic soundscapes with a gentle tenor singing over top. We know the format well. But these guys offer something more. These spoon-sized mouthfuls of sounds aren’t meant to indulge like a sweet tooth. Don’t think candy. Think drugs. Think medication. They move and challenge while also being  comfortable in that Pop/Rock band way. They aren’t trying to be newest skinny kid in a leather jacket signing tits for playing chords. Though, I can picture them someday claiming a large appeal, they aren’t re-baking the sounds of Kid A and calling it a day. They have continually challenged themselves into newer and stranger places ever since their debut in 2010. They hail from a city that continues to release bizarre and catchy music: Montreal.

They aren’t hiding their identity. There are lyrics about the Canadian Shield and there are samples of Quebecois (Though, this album is mostly English). Very similar to Thom Yorke, I can barely understand a fucking word of what this guy says. Honestly, I tried. That droning tenor only gives me that odd lyric and the rest just gets lost. 

The true talent of this band is its continual focus to create beautiful and daring pop/rock sounds. It reminds me of those times when I used to look forward to that new alternative rock album. I’d unwrap that thin clear plastic like I was peeling back the ozone layer on a brand new world. Then I’d have to take in a new breath to calm the excitement. By the time I pressed play my mind was clear enough to memorize latin in a single sitting. (Sweet Jesus I wish I did this in grade school.)

Each new album gets more personal and further concretizes what Suuns is all about. They continually boil their identify down into a more condensed form, becoming a deeper and a harder hit of what they are. If the first album was like a nice drag, this album is a long stinging, acidic, and burning snort. They don’t show any signs of stopping. So, build up the tolerance now so you can take what the band has to offer next. Trust me, this shit is addicting. 



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