Idles – Brutalism

idlesIt’s punk Wednesday motherfucker. 

This is one of those debut albums that launches a band so far forward that whatever happens next becomes instantly and fucking crucial. As soon as this album comes on you’ll run in front of a mirror, shave yourself a Mohawk, and pierce your own tongue. This album is as strong as buckets of gasoline thrown onto a garbage heap full of half-eaten rats. And it smells fucking sweet. It’s so well actualized. It knows exactly what it is. It rings out like a 6th or 7th release but this is their first. It’s difficult to believe. What happens next feel so imperative. It’s either that Idles becomes one the most popular, hardest hitting, and self realized punk bands that have ever picked up a guitar, or else this just happens to be an absolute fluke of a fucking album. I’m excited to watch where they will go. Either way, this album is set firmly into my punk album repertoire. 

This debut reminds me of The Arctic Monkey’s debut with “Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not”. How I feel about this album is the same way I felt about that album. It’s just so honest about what it is. And it has done the best job of portraying itself as possible. Given, I felt the same way about the band Louis XIV debut and they whiffed out like a swift shot of fart smoke in a wind tunnel. So, it’s either this band slowly burns away or it shoots itself into rock stardom. This all depends on how they control that fire. 

My view? Why, thanks for asking.

These lyrics are too fucking smart for a band to turn into fart smoke. In the song, “White Privilege” the singer yells with the same melody as the Beatles Song “I Saw Her Standing There” but changes the lyrics somewhat when he says, “I could have danced with another, cause she passed out on your stairs.” That’s solid punk. These lyrics are nihilistic and Marxist. They go over drugs and debt and blood in a kitchen sink. The spit and bleed and drool in front of you. They don’t try to self promote. Even in the last song the chorus goes, “Cause I’m the worst lover you’ll ever have. Hands down, goddamn worst lover you’ll ever have.” This filth is introspective and full of understanding. Even if it is a rotten bag of shit, it knows it’s a rotten bag of shit. That’s its power. In fact, that’s the power of punk music. It’s stronger and louder and willing to throw the first punch because it knows what the fuck it is. There’s no need to ask questions. There is no think, there’s only do. And that’s this album. If you happen to turn introspective in your rage, these lyrics won’t cast you aside. They have story and strength and understanding of self. With the sound itself, you’ll want to throw this fucker on when you’re feeling angry. It’s a beautiful release that continues on in the Bristol Punk tradition. It’s deep-rooted fucking punk that hits like a goddamn sledge hammer. And it’s worth a broken nose or two in order to listen. 



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