Aquaserge – Laisse ça être

aquasergeAquaserge is made up of three guys from Toulouse, France. Thing about people from France is that everyone is super fucking smart, “even the kids speak French”…

C’est quoi ce putain de mec avec ses fucking blagues stupides, hein

Anyway, whether your baby bottle was filled with cigarettes and existentialism or fast food and indigestion, this album is groovy as hell. A fat and funky drum beat doesn’t need to have a mother tongue when that grammar be universal as fuck. Put this album on and listen to those horn shots, that bass sitting so deep inside the pocket it’s like lint from the Stone Age, and you’ll know exactly what this album wants to say no matter where you hail from. It’s got Zappa “Hot Rats” drum beat, that Gainsbourg bass sound from “Histoire de Melody Nelson”, the openness of Wyatt’s “Rock Bottom”, and those tight ass horns from anything from Mr. James Brown. If that doesn’t do anything for you, think J Dilla or BBNG (Bad Bad Not Good) with a bunch of guitar lines full of sass. 

Rich in the luxurious world of open rock and roll with a structured style, this is prog rock that doesn’t take itself so fucking seriously. It has a healing effect on the soul. It reminds you that life doesn’t have to be all serious and shit, sometimes you can just chill the fuck out and live. But it’s not so basic that it’s forgettable. The guitar lines and horn section and arrangements are still experimental and unique, but in the way Coltrane was experimental. It’s okay. You can breathe while the experimentation is going on. 

If you know the famous song “Laisse tomber les filles” from France Gall or “Chick Habit” from April March, then you’ll get what these guys are about. Actually, this band was the backing band for April March in 2009, so the comparison makes even more fucking sense, doesn’t it? It’s fun. It’s uplifting. It’s the soundtrack to those happy dreams where you can breathe and float underwater. Hey! Look at those happy fish over there. And they’re smiling! How are you today, fish? Oh, sorry, comment-vas tu? I thought you were a fish but you’re a poisson. Pardon. 

I understand that people may look over bands and albums like this. It’s so easy to confuse weight with depth and importance. But music shouldn’t need to be heavy in order to be considered good. Actually, being light-hearted and impactful is way fucking harder than being heavy. And it’s like my sister and Mary Hirsch always say, “Humour is a rubber sword—it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.”



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