Milo – Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!

miloDON’T FUCK WITH MILO. This motherfucker is sharp as a goddamn tack and scarier than a venomous gun shooting razor blades in a playground. He’s in this pile of rappers that don’t just make you dance but make you think. This 26-year-old kid is smarter than those grey bushy-eyebrowed tenured professors in acclaimed universities. Bonus: he doesn’t teach like an entitled douche. Don’t believe me? Think I’m going over the top just for kicks? Haha. I’m so fucking glad you think so. Cause now I get to prove you wrong by showing you some, some, of what this motherfucker goes through in one fucking song.


References from “Call + Form (Picture)”:

  1. Henry Duman short story “The Art of Bones” 
    • Henry Duman is so often alluded to by Milo, he calls him “Hank”. Seriously, it’s a thing. In this short story there’s a person visited by a “soulboat” (sailboat, get it?) filled with human bones that pick up more bones as it sails (an allegory for slave ships). The narrator joins the boat and is never heard from again.
      • Milo’s is saying he is part of this crew cause of his lineage.
  2. Wilson Harris novel “Palace of the Peacock”
    • Story of European colonization in Guiana. Another story taking place on a boat. In the story, all the crew members die off one-by-one over seven days . The whole thing is an allusion to Genesis (seven days) but on the last day of this story shit just goes bunk. 
  3. Margaret Atwood poem “Quattrocento”
    • Line from Milo: “You were too busy talking when the snake said, ‘love is choosing.’”
    • Line from Atwood: “Love is choosing, the snake said. The kingdom of God is within you because you ate it.”
      • What the fuck? Is this fucking rap? Anywho, Milo takes Atwood’s interpretation of the Eve shit. Saying something like, “I’d rather have knowledge than eternal life, motherfucker.” He takes this one step further by saying the “too busy talking” bit, telling us we ain’t even enjoying that freedom cause we won’t shut the fuck up.
  4. Motherfucking Nabokov
    • Milo’s line: “It’s October so I’m reading Nabokov again.”
      • Why should we care if he’s reading fucking Nabokov in October? Cause October is a reference to the October Revolution in Russia that affected Nabokov himself like fucking crazy.
  5. Nietzsche
    • Milo’s line: “They say this is the last happiness, and they blink.” 
    • From Thus Spoke Zarathustra: “’We have invented happiness,’ say the last men, and they blink.” 
      • Motherfucking Nietzsche in a rap song, bitch! 
  6. Packet loss
    • When bits of information don’t move from computer to computer.
  7. Latencies
    • Time delay in Engineering systems. Aka, how long shit takes to get communicated. More latency is more delay.
  8. Richard Reid
    • Milo’s line: “It’s the shoe bomber who’s waltzing through.”
      • Richard Reid is a terrorist who tried to bomb flight 63, months after 9/11. Dude walked through TSA cause the bomb was in his fucking shoes. 
  9. Thelonious Monk
    • Milo’s line: “A color I only ever heard played by a nigga named Thelonious.”
      • Famous jazz musician. Famous album being “Blue Monk” thus the colour is blue. 
  10. Godspeed you Black Emporer
    • Milo’s line: “They said, Godspeed with that black ennui.” 
      • It’s a curious play on words with the band. Ennui being the feeling of being unsatisfied from life or an occupation or some shit. Dude is talking about himself here. Does he wanna keep on rapping?



Told ya he’s smart. Alright, don’t worry, I’ll stop. But look, I hope you know that you don’t pull this album down like it’s nothing, you pull this shit down like it’s a fucking novel. Look up the fucking lyrics. Take your time with each and everyone of them. This is poetry, it’s supposed to be dense. What’s great is, after you do all this work when the song pops up, you’ll understand the whole fucking world inside. This shit will make you smarter. It teaches. And, it doesn’t do it like a fucking douche bag. These beats echo worlds of literature and lessons from throughout history. It’s fucking inspiring. 



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