Mint Field – Pasar de las luces

mintfieldWarning: I don’t know how to speak Spanish at all. And this band is Mexican. If this shit ends up having lyrics about Hitler fantasies and teddy bear molestation, I apologize. 

This is a melancholic post-rock psychedelic album. I get it if that phrase makes you cringe. Most post-rock is made of lazy musicians who never wanted to learn how to play their instruments but still wanted have a band. This is not that type of music. Though, it does live in that post rock, shoegaze, ambient, atmospheric world. That place filled with a fuckton of reverb, build-up, and beautiful vocals drifting on top like they are skating across soundwaves and light. It’s an album to get high as fuck too. Just completely fucking blazed. Eyes as red as a sunburnt dog’s dick coming out of a ripe tomato. And, even if you don’t smoke, you’ll be high as fuck by the end. It transports and distorts. If you wanted to have a productive day, good fucking luck.

Time to throw on those scuba masks motherfuckers cause it’s time to dive deep into this shit.

This is Mint Field’s debut. And, even though it’s their first attempt there’s nothing amateur about it. It understands itself with that intense depth that only comes from precociousness. It’s as raw as roadkill and has the tenderness of baby bubbles. It has the air of a David Lynch episode. The first few songs until “Quiero Otoño de nuevo” (“I want Autumn again”) are heavily atmospheric. But then a chugging bass line and heavy beat pick up your feet while you’re still surfing on clouds made of post-rock. The album continues to build as you get closer to the end. It’s then you realize that this shit is a fucking journey. It’s an album that’s made to be an album. Sure, you could grab your favourite songs off of it, but that’s not what this bitch was made for. It’s meant to be put on in the background of a room. The longer the album plays the deeper it goes. 

The band reminds me of Cranes, Slowdive, Neu!, and Explosions in the Sky. It’s the perfect fucking album to put on if you want to sit and wallow. I understand if people think this isn’t a good thing. I think it’s fantastic. Sometimes it’s all that’s needed. Put on some music, feel out that bitch like it’s made of virgin velvet, then move the fuck on. 


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