Son Lux – Brighter Wounds

sonluxI’ve been circling this motherfucking album for a fucking month! It’s been annoying. I’d hear it come on shuffle and say, “Oh damn. That’s good.” Then I’d start the album from song one and by song two I’d be done. Today, I got fucking lazy, like really fucking lazy. So I didn’t stop at song two. Right now, I’m thanking my lazy fucking ass. Cause as soon as this motherfucker finished I started it over again.

The longer the album continues to play the thicker this shit gets: the fatter those bass lines, the deeper the snare cuts, the most interesting the instrumentation, the odder the timing, the more diverse and creative world, the deeper and more personal the feelings and distant the world. Blastoff, motherfuckers. The first two songs aren’t bad, but they aren’t representative of the album as a whole. It’s almost as if they were written for a different album. So, as the rest of the album continued on, I slowly rolled my jaw off the floor. The string arrangements on this bitch alone make it worth a listen. Sweet fuck, it’s a beautiful album. 

Son Lux fits into the same genre as Radiohead, whatever you decide that fucking is. Their main focus seems to be pushing forward and changing the way things are done. They incorporate a lot of experimental and hard-hitting electronica for their beats. This shit hits like Babe Ruth batting you with a 50-pound salmon: very hard and very surprising. Ryan Lott, the lead singer, has this tender quivering vibrato that comes out like a stronger sounding Devendra Banhart. Unlike the many in the genre, I can understand what the fuck Ryan says. Lyrics jump out like: “I am not my father’s son,” “History deletes itself, we’re holding on to something else”, “It’s an impossible dream but you realise you’re not waking up”, “Is this what the resurrection feels like?” The words obviously have feeling and meaning.

These guys are impossibly talented at what they do. All their albums are a joy to hear, but this album is their best so far. I’ve encountered people throughout my life that ask me, “I’m looking for a band like Radiohead. Do you know any?” I always answer no because Radiohead is fucking Radiohead. Don’t compare shit like that. It’s like saying, “I like my friend Pat. Pat is irreplaceable. Do you know someone exactly like Pat but that isn’t Pat?” To be honest whenever someone asks I secretly know those motherfuckers would love some Son Lux, but fuck ’em. It’s no good going into an album with expectations like that. Son Lux does their own fucking thing. They’ve made their own style and sound. My only warning with this album is don’t be deceived by the clean-cut pop feeling from the first two tracks. I heard there was some fucking moron that totally neglected the entire album cause of shit like this. What a judgmental asshole. 


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