Rival Consoles – Persona

rivalThis is an album based in electronic dance music. Now, I know this shit isn’t as popular in the rock forward mentality of North America. You might be sitting there thinking, “Fuck that, electronic music is dumb and disco fucking sucks.” Well, first off, you’re fucking dumb. And also, did you know a lot of this mentality is manufactured? I shit you not. And you may not like what it was manufactured for. A little while ago I talked about the rise and influence of disco. What I didn’t talk much about was its decline. And, motherfucker, this is the reason Rolling Stone magazine’s top 100 albums and artists and whatever-the-fuck-they-think is filled with nostalgic ’70s rock bands and old white rockers. It’s also the reason why electronic music is more popular in places like Europe than it is in the States. It’s not a mentality. It’s a fucking product. 

Time to step into my time machine, motherfuckers. 

It’s July 12, 1979, and though nobody knows it, it’s the day disco dies in the United States. Disco has been lame for a while. It has become more about drugs than the music. Travolta made some shit movie all about it recently and now the genre is picking up more speed. Rock fans are criticizing the shit out of it and they have every right to. So much of disco is mindless fucking garbage and overproduced guppy shit. But there’s also still real music there if you look for it. It’s still the genre that gave a safe space for black people and homosexuals to party without judgment. Most rockers hate people like Bowie for being a disco sellout.

If you want to ruin your rock career, just say you like disco. It’s faster than a bullet to the brain.

We’re in Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois, to watch a baseball game. You look through the stands and it’s littered with rockers with pale white skin. Sure, ethnicities and minorities can rock the fuck out (in fact, they fucking invented it) but they’re not here. They wouldn’t be a mile of this fucking place. It stinks too much of racism and homophobia up in this bitch. Rock and Roll has a secret motto at this ballpark that they only utter to each other and in secret. It goes something like “Straight and white, rock and roll. Black and queer? Disco.” Some shitty radio program has decided to blow up a bunch of disco records as a promotion. Seriously, they actually do it. They blow up disco records in the middle of a fucking ballpark. Stupid fucking idea. Drunk white rockers storm onto the field cheering, “Disco’s dead! Disco’s dead!” around the roaring fire. Odd, I’ve seen something like this before, but those guys were wearing white hoods.

That’s right motherfuckers, racism and homophobia strike again! Years go by, Disco creates a genre called House, House opens the doors to electronic music, and now we’re here. But, there are still remnants of that cultural racist bullshit from the ’70s. The greatest electronic musicians rarely tour North America. The reason? There’s just no crowd for it. The reason for that? Cause of this fucking bullshit from the day disco died. It’s called the trickle down effect. Too bad it works the same when you get pissed on.

Now, onto the fucking music already!!!

Rival Consoles is the stage name of Ryan Lee West. He’s from (surprise, surprise) London. This album is by far his least beat driven record. It takes daring fucking steps to stretch the small ideas as far as they can go and this idea pays off in fucking spades. It’s the type of album to get completely lost in. You’re listening one minute and the next you’re walking into a wall. It’s hypnotic as fuck. I can’t stop bobbing my head when those slow deliberate beats come in. It’s one of my favourite electronic releases this year. It won’t make you dance as much as make you contemplate. It’s more atmospheric than beat driven. But Jesus-disco-dancing-Christ, I’ve listened to this shit at least 3 times already on repeat. It has something absolutely wonderful in its aesthetics and drive, like a type of secret I just can’t crack yet. So have a listen and bob that fucking head. And, if you’re North American, it’s time to bleed out that inherited cultural racism from out of your fucking ears. Enjoy. 



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