Pax – Wildflower

paxwildflowerWelcome back, my groovy motherfuckers. Today we’re going to offer you some chill instrumental beats. Sit back. Relax your shit. Why not pour yourself a whiskey and tea (Churchill enjoyed lapsang souchong with whiskey after a long day of taking care of Britain and kicking Nazi ass)? Maybe you wanna read a book or take some extra time cooking that meal, you know, just really cook the shit out of it. You got onions? Caramelize those bitches. Steak of tofu? Marinate that motherfucker. How about an extra long bath? What, you don’t like baths? Stop being an asshole, you know where I’m with this shit. Just relax. Cause this is an album to settle into. It’s a combination of Hip-Hop, warm milk, and subtle talent. If this album was the soundtrack to your dream, it would be the best fucking dream of your life. Looking for an album to play in the background while you and some friends discuss whatever-the-fuck over a night of laughter and drinks? Try this shit on for size. 

Sometimes there are days when words just fucking suck. You don’t wanna have to learn some a goddamn lesson in some stupid lyrics, you just want to chill and be. “We get it music,” you might say, “you feel feelings and live life, all that shit. Now, would you please shut the fuck up while I drift into a thought about absolutely nothing?” This music lets you do that while remaining healthy, alive, and optimistic. It’s amazing how much sound waves can change the tone of a room. Get some depressed motherfucker playing some slow melodic minor song on a piano and you’ll end up thinking of killing yourself and crumpling up in some forgotten corner like a piece of used tinfoil. Pax keeps you moving and grooving. This type of music has been gently massaging our shoulders for years. This goes back to the days of Herbie Hancock with “Rockit”, or the Beastie Boys’ album “The Mix-Up” which was some badass groovy instrumental and shit that kept you stepping light. This lives in the same world as Eric Lau, Swarvy, BADBADNOTGOOD, L’Orange, RJD2, Teebs, and the one, the only, the legend, J Dilla. 

Pax’s style consists of reversing guitars, slick beats, and sounds of waves washing on shore. This shit is slicker than the floors after a five-day orgy. What I find amazing is that this type of music hasn’t really found a home. It’s not a clearly defined genre. It’s a raindog somewhere between the areas of Hip-Hop, ambient, and post-rock. But, if I had to give it my best shot, I’d call this shit ambient instrumental Hip-Hop. And, damn, does the world need more of this shit playing. It’s impossible to get angry while it’s on. Who knows? Maybe throwing these beats on while Kim Jon-un drifts off to sleep would make him wake up with smiles and pissing sunshine instead of being the square headed angry motherfucker that he is. One can always dream. 

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