Hinds – I Don’t Run

hindsBack in 2001 I bought an album that changed my view on music. I realize some of you might find me ancient for being part of an age where people bought music in a physical form. If you are, fuck you and your quickly vanishing youth. Though, if you’re one those self-hating youth, like I was, shit gets way better. Like, fuck me, it gets wa-a-ay better. Don’t listen to anyone who says these are “the best years of your life”. Those motherfuckers peaked in high school and couldn’t be more wrong. Anyway, the album I bought? The Strokes debut Is This It?. This album was part of what’s called “The Garage Rock Revival”. We didn’t have a name for it then, we just knew it just fucking rocked. The lyrics spoke of the derailed lives of urban youth wasting their days spent in existential crisis spurred on by lonely parties, how much you hate your partner’s friends, and the events of 2001. During this time it was extremely popular to compare two artists to see who was better: Blur and Oasis. The Beatles or The Beach Boys. The Strokes or Jet. Wait, what? Ya, that’s right. I was asked if Jet was better than the fucking Strokes. Time has proven that I was hella right (fuck you, Chad). Eventually, I popped this album into my parent’s CD player in their car. After all these years, it’s still fucking there. Even though the car has switched a couple times, the album has not. They just kept transferring it over into the next vehicle like their favourite travel mug. Each time I go to visit my parents and use their car, I listen to that album all over again. I have never gotten bored with it. If that’s not a testament to how good that album is, I don’t know what is.

Cut to 17 years later. The producer of Is This It? is now working with Hinds. The Hinds love the fucking Strokes. It’s obvious. It oozes out of this album like sap from a fucking tree. It’s in their fucking roots. The lyrics on the Hinds album talk about the derailed lives of urban youth wasting their days in deep existential crisis spurred on by lonely parties, how much you hate that guy who cheated on them, and his fucking friends, and the events of 2018. It’s not a rip off. Fuck no. Cause this isn’t 2001 anymore. 2018 has its own fucking tragedies to deal with. The formula of existential despair backed up by fun sounding rock tunes has inspired hope without lying for years. Also, Hinds is composed entirely of women. Rock has a different perspective when it’s done by women. The album also has a looser feel than those from the Garage Rock Revival days. The sound is sunnier even though these lyrics still cut deep. The Hinds have that rawness that only comes from young rock bands. Like everything they do, it is made out of duct tape and dreams. Let’s hope it sticks. 


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