Blu & Nottz – Gods in the Spirit, Titans in the Flesh

blu nottzHopefully Kendrick Lamar winning a Pulitzer prize will wake the world up on how rap is poetry with a nice ass. It’s taken over the rock scene (just look at the headlines at Coachella) and it deserves its place at the top of the fucking pile. Don’t hate, haters. There’s nothing wrong with rock and roll. I love that shit too. But there’s something tremendously wrong with that half-baked ill-conceived garbage that came spewing out of the rock and roll music machine for way too many fucking years like a water park on free prune juice day.

I read an article once saying a “good” song should be generally around 100–300 words. Well, fuck that noise. Rap comes out like a fucking essay (400-1000 words). Yet, for some reason, it’s the genre that pays the closest attention to its lyrics. While rap was working to say alive rock got lazy as fuck. You can’t say random shit on a record anymore.

Get to the fucking record already!

If you’re into underground hip hop than you already know Blu from Blu & Exile. If this is the case, than the mere mention of his new album gets you going into the shakes like an addict needing a fix. If you don’t know Blu, welcome to a brand pop-n-freshin’ new world, motherfucker. 

Blu doesn’t write lines, he weaves them together in an intricate web. Themes and ideas rise to the top like cream. His words are masterly structured together till they come out smooth as butter. But, be aware, blink and his goodness will float right by you. 

“Six minutes ’til showtime
The politician fumbled his lines
I changed the channel
There’s a window in my living room
I like to travel”

Was this dude watching TV or just looking outside his window? It’s both. That’s how Blu works. He writes thick. 

Nottz is one hell of a producer. I could go on to explain how he’s worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and Biggie, but you’ll know his talent when you hear it. Nottz doesn’t need these words or Blu’s to convince anyone of his talent. He just has it.

The construction of this album is interesting. Take an EP from 2013 (God in the Spirit) and get it in bed with an EP from 2016 (Titan in the Flesh). Light some candles, put on some Barry White, give them a fuckton of wine, and viola; you’ve made a love child called Gods in the Spirit and Titans in the Flesh. This shit is sexy as fuck. With the words of Blu and the thunder of Nottz it’s a win-win all-around. 



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