Kanye West is an asshole. He produced every song on this album. He isn’t shit-people-do-to-stay-relevant-in-the-pop-game type of asshole; he’s just a fucking asshole. Not so long ago he said, “Blacks chose to be slaves.” That’s fucked up, like really fucked up. People said they were going to boycott Kanye. But now that this album has come out, nobody is going to boycott it. Cause that’s not how this shit works. The more talented someone is the more crazy shit they generally get away with. At 29 Charlie Chaplin married a 17-year-old, then at 35 he married a 16-year-old, and then again at 53 he married an 18-year-old. But nobody gives a shit about this. We don’t even talk about it. Because Charlie Chaplin was talented as all fuck. Elvis played games of tickle, kiss, and cuddle with a trio of 14-year-old girls when he was 22. But, again, we don’t give a shit. Nobody wants the king of rock and roll to also be a child molester. So most people just block that shit out. Of course, I don’t condone any of this behaviour. The public eye, on the other hand, loves to wear fat ass blinders. It sees what it wants to see and hears what it wants to hear. This album, these beats, and this production are so fucking good that the public will, yet again, turn a blind eye to all of Kanye’s crazy shit.

Now, those are some deep ass fucking beats.

“Am I too complex for ComplexCon? Everything Ye say cause a new debate ‘You see, he been out of touch, he cannot relate. His hallways too long.’ Bitch too bad.”

That’s Kanye’s response to his comments on the song, “What Would Meek Do?” He goes on:

“You gotta watch who you callin’ crazy. Yeezy, the newest billion-dollar baby.” 

Yeezy is Kanye’s apparel brand. He’s saying be careful about calling him crazy cause he’s rich. That’s bizarre fucking logic. Being rich doesn’t make anyone sane. Plenty of rich people are crazy as fuck. Shit, just look at Kanye. 

Kanye’s lyrics aren’t smart. Thank God Pusha T can spit and headlines most of these raps. And his lyrics are slick.

Some think albums like these come with an internal struggle. Is listening to this album a way of supporting Kanye West financially? Ya, it totally is. There’s no denying that. Does listening to it somehow support Kanye West’s views? Fuck no. As far as I see it, Kanye reminds me of a farmer I once knew that thought the government was spying on him. His tomatoes were also dope as fuck. I wasn’t supporting this motherfucker’s view by buying his tomatoes. Eating them wasn’t some kind of contract. I could enjoy that tasty red motherfucker and think the dude was crazy as shit at the same time. It wasn’t that hard. Now, if that farmer was using child labour to grow those delicious red bitches, then fuck no, I wouldn’t buy that shit even if they were magical tomatoes that gave you illusions of grandeur to a Kanye degree. 

When there are only two labels to use to define people, good or evil, shit gets hella complicated. You end up not seeing people for who they really are. The public eye has got to start opening its view to the good and the bad. Our villains have got to start helping orphans and our heroes have got to start stealing old lady’s groceries. Humans are complex, don’t be that weirdo asshole that thinks they aren’t.

As for this album? Enjoy those tasting fucking beats while also thinking Kanye is out of his goddamned mind. It’s not that hard to do. In fact, it’s all part of the pleasure. 







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