Leon Vynehall – Nothing is Still


Transcription taken from interview with Electronic Music’s mother.

“What do I think of Electronic music? My god, what a question to ask a mother.

“Well, I’m glad Electronic Music is finally redefining itself after that terribly awkward teenage phase. I told it would happen, didn’t listen then. But I said it. Goodness, you should have met it when it first came out. It was so fucking cute! Holy shit was it ever cute… You seem surprised. Of course I curse. Where do you suppose Electronic Music got it from? It sat here, right on my lap, still on the tit when there was “Imaginary Landscapes” by Cage, and “Mixtur” and “Hymnen” by Stockhausen. I went out and bought it a cute little disco hat for Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”. I remember switching it over to hard foods with MIDI and bass synthesizers sometime during the ’80s. I thought I’d never get over Phuture’s “Acid Tracks” and, of course, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kraftwerk. It just seemed so grown up at the time. Of course when looking back, these things feel so small. But at the time they were a big deal. Fuck, I remember the day when it first left for school with Afrikaa Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock” and Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. I was so scared. It met its first cross-genre friend with Herbie Hancock and his “Rock It” at school. But, blink and before you know it they grow up. Electronic music was already off riding its first bike and hanging out with “Pump Up The Volume”, “Theme from S’Express” and “Doctorin’ the House’. I couldn’t keep up with all its friends after that. Once the price of equipment went down, everyone wanted to be with Electronic Music. First, there was that weird obsession with houses: Progressive House, Tech House, Ghetto House, Hard House, Electro House, Hip House. Houses, houses, houses! It’s all it ever talked about. I thought I’d never hear the end of those silly houses. And then there were those raves! My god I hated those raves. I was scared of them, if I’m honest. Kids pretending to be adults. Sure, they had soothers, but I’m not dumb! I guess we all do those kinds of things at the beginning. We try to define ourselves before we’re able to contribute anything worthwhile. I just wish it wasn’t so awkward for poor Electronic music. It kept pushing everyone away, acting so tough. And so much bad music. I did like those cute French Daft Punk boys. They wore the cutest little helmets! All the other mothers were petrified of Aphex Twin, little Rickie as I used to call him. But underneath all the scary clothes and silly faces, he’s just a real sweetheart. 

“I’m quite happy with Electronic Music’s friends now of days. I like that it’s not trying so hard anymore, like with this Leon Vynehall fellow. They’re telling such wonderful stories together. They let me listen to “Nothing is Still” just the other day. Was I ever a proud mama when I heard those ditties. Such beautifully told stories with such wonderful moods. But, of course, I’m biased, that’s my little Electronic Music. Still, I can’t help but feel proud. I really do hope this Leon fellow keeps making music with my little pride and joy. They do such wonderful work together. I’m sorry, what was your question again?”

End of transcription. 



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