Various Artists – 1+1=X


Piano lovers, pushers, bleeders, and defeaters! Lend me your fucking ears!

Erased Tapes is one of the most interesting genre-crossing labels out there. They’re particularly good at supporting artists that live in the void set between classical and electronic music. Artists like: Nils Frahm, Rival Consoles, Anne Müller, and Peter Broderick, all of which have a new track on this album. This label is ten (hence the Roman numeral X) years old. As a party trick, those behind the label decided, instead of mashing together a bunch of songs on a mixtape, to have their artists create a collective album. Pretty cool fucking idea.

Each one of them arrived at Vox-Ton studio in Berlin with a new composition to record and an open mind. The fact that all these artists showed up in one place to make this album says a fuckton. Labels are notoriously known for ass-fucking their artists. There’s more ass-fucking done at a record label than there is on PornHub. Chuck Berry shared songwriting credit for his song “Maybellene” with a disc jockey and some landlord that didn’t do shit. Back in the day, Specialty Records purchased the rights to “Tutti Frutti” from Little Richard for 50 dollars. At their prime, and after selling 10 million records, TLC found out they actually made $35,000 a year and to no surprise ended up broke as fuck. “That’s all in the past,” you might think, “the internet has—” Nah, hells to the fuck no, aw naw, nope, nay, absolutely fucking not, negatory, not on your nelly, not on your life, no siree bob, nae, nopeskees, fuck no, uh-uh, and get the fuck outta here. Shit hasn’t changed. Last July, teenage heavy metal band “Unlocking The Truth” signed with Sony and were promised 1.7 million. The band is now in debt to Sony for 60k. These are teenagers. Yet, we’re not surprised. There are countless examples of this kind of behaviour. You might even say that the industry’s foundation is made of ass-fucking. That’s why we need to take special notice when a label does it differently, like with Erased Tapes. Good behaviour and ethical business conduct should be recognized and rewarded. 

This album is what happens when there is a symbiotic relationship between a label and its artists. You can hear their freedom of creativity and shared pursuit to make forward-thinking music. This shit is about the music, not the money. Hot fuck that’s a beautiful thing to say. Not only is this album fucking awesome, it’s also a fantastic way to find great new artists. If you know any of the artists on the album, listen to this shit so you can find more awesome artists. If you don’t know anyone on this album, you can watch a few of these artists perform their songs here, here, and here. And before you throw your dollars into any pot, make sure someone’s not being cooked inside. 





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