Funeral Break for the Weekend

Done in that pop radio announcer voice everyone fucking hates: G-g-g-g-gooood day everyone! (airhorns being feverishly blown for no reason whatsoever) Brightly Off-Coloured Discophile here, but you can call me Brightly, kicking you off some new tunes.

*Turns around to reveal one of my cats licking its back leg. It stops for a moment to look into my very soul. Its eyes reveal a depth of sorrow and disappointment with my actions that makes me question my very purpose for living. It goes back to licking its back leg leaving me hopeless, defenseless, and without purpose.*

For those following, you’ll know that I’ve been breaking the Album a Day format by … well, not doing an album a fucking day. This is because fate has drawn me, not one, but two fucking funerals to attend recently. I’m like the grim reaper up in this bitch. Yes, it fucking sucks. This is the turbo vac of sucking. What’s more, it’s become very fucking obvious to me, I won’t be able to keep up with our regular programming till after this weekend. I apologize to those following but, you know, I can’t control death and shit. I tried, back when I went by the name Victor, but shit really didn’t work out. Like, goddamn, that really didn’t work out. 

I wish you all the best of fucking weekends and keep listening. 


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