RP Boo – I’ll Tell You What!

rp boo.jpg

RP Boo is the pioneer and godfather of footwork. He started that shit in the ’90s. He’s an innovator, a legend, a DJ with major cred. But I feel the question is begging to be asked.

What in the slick fuck is footwork?

“Motherfucker’s doing a history of footwork?” you might be saying to yourself, “everyone already knows what that is.” Look, if you already know what footwork is, good the fuck for you. But don’t pretend that everyone in the world knows this shit. And, straight up, review is never bad. Who knows, you might even learn something along the way.

To begin, we travel back in time to the late ’90s. Location? Chicago. Time of day? Night. There are two kids on the sidewalk getting all riled up. They’ve got some major beef. And at any moment one of those stupid motherfuckers will throw a jab, then some knife or gun comes out and someone’s son is dead. It’s that fucking simple. Straight up, Chicago housed 930 homicides back in ’94 (check the stats yourself if you want). From 1990 to 1994, Chicago had more homicides than the entirety of the al-Qaeda insurgency in Yemen (the al-Qaeda still continues to this day and started in ’92). Chicago in the ’90s saw more death than most fucking civil wars. Shit was fucking insane. So, back to these two kids. You can guess what’s going to happen. But wait, what the fuck is this shit? They’re moving their feet? Holy fuck, that’s fast. Their feet don’t even look like they’re touching the ground. Wait, no bullets? No knives? They’re fucking dance fighting?

Damn right. (If you’ve never seen this kind of dance check it here.)

Every clearheaded motherfucker on earth that knows about footwork started cause of RP Boo. What does it sound like? Take house music and turn that shit up to around 130 bpm (beats per minute). That’s how this shit started. Now of days each song is loaded to the tits with samples. The snare work is generally fast, because that’s what those feet have to keep up with. And that bass is thick as shit. It’s got to have that dirty, low sound. The type of shit that makes you dance like a motherfucker with his feet on fire or like a sweaty skank. 

Armed with nothing but a Roland R-70, RP Boo helped create a music and a movement that helped save thousands of lives. Artists like Jlin, not only keep this style alive to this day, but have moved this style from Chicago and into Europe. The music is solid listening. It’s not chill. This shit was, and is, designed to take pure vitriolic anger and throw that shit into your own feet. And, if any of you motherfuckers think you’re fit, try this shit for 30 seconds and you’ll probably pass the fuck out. It takes everything you’ve got. This music has the ability to extinguish the fire of a murderous rage. If that doesn’t make you want to listen, I don’t know what will.



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