Tirzah – Devotion


If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I don’t generally write fuck all about pop music. It’s not cause I don’t like pop. Who doesn’t like to get down to some Off The Wall, Graceland, or some 19-fucking-99 every once in a blue moon? Thing is, most modern pop music is complete shit. I know this makes me sound like cynical fart gas hermetically sealed in a Snapple jar, but just hear me for a fucking second before you start throwing discarded iPhones at me.

Pop music, like all music, should have a fucking point. Pop is catchy as all fuck. It’s simple. It’s radio-friendly. But, somewhere along the way, motherfuckers forgot that pop songs should also be personal. The road of this genre has been paved by simple lyrics about heartbreak. It breaks through over-intelligent metaphors and says shit simply. “How can you just leave me standing alone in a world so cold? Maybe I’m just too demanding. Maybe I’m just like my father, too bold. Maybe I’m just like my mother. She’s never satisfied.” These aren’t hard fucking lyrics to get, but they kill in their simplicity. That’s what pop music should be. At its core, pop is honest and is geared so everyone can understand it. It’s the blatant honesty that blows the house down. If you don’t have skin in the pop game, then get the fuck out of it.

Enter Tirzah with a hyper-simplistic and honest pop album. Holy fuck it’s nice to hear someone doing this shit right. Don’t be fooled, just cause it’s pop doesn’t mean it’s not full of mistakes. Modern pop is now synonymous with hyper production. In the end, you’re generally listening to some nerd working tirelessly behind a computer for hours on end instead of a singer. Not on this fucking album. Tirzah, in her personal and half-spoken singing voice, can sometimes be slightly off-pitch. There are times when the beat just isn’t timed right. But, sweet fuck, you can feel her heart in this shit. The lyrics can be repetitive as is the style. But instead of feeling like some sort of catchy chorus intended to start dance trends or to help rain-down-dollar-bills-y’all!, it comes across like a sincere and secret mantra of heartbreak.

Producing these tracks is Mica Levi, a classically trained pro with an intimate understanding of song structure. Levi backs these simple words and style with instrumentation that makes sense with the theme. This tag team makes an honest and beautiful pop album. Sure, this shit may not be your style, but it’s great to fucking hear pop music boiled down to its essence. By making a simple and honest pop record Tirzah makes all those other pop motherfuckers look like greasy fucking car salesman pawning off imitation organs to children’s hospitals. When Tirzah does this shit legit, she shows the world that maybe there’s still some heart left in this old dead horse. 

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