John Zorn and Friends – The Book of Angels Collection

john zorn

“An album a day? … huh!” Some piece of shit elitist fuck in Buddy Holly glasses says to me after I explain this site, “That’s okay… I guess. But, you know, you should probably listen to more than an album a day if you’re going to write about it.” 

Listen up you sycophantic kitschy layer dip of personalities sloshed together by whatever celebrity view is popular that month that’s held together by a pair of skinny jeans, a cum-stained hand-ironed ironic sweatshirt, and a daily ritual of crying in the shower, you want more? How about thirty-two? Now, did I listen to thirty-two albums today? Fuck me cracker-barrel, you must have been crowned the don of brain busters in elementary maths if you think thirty-two hours of music can fit into a twenty-four hour day, but I’ll answer you anyways. No, I did not listen to them all today. But I have listened to them all. And, fuck me, was it ever enjoyable.

Now that we’ve dealt with that loose wad of breathing ball skin. What’s the sense of having an amazing way of finding great new artists if you don’t tell people about it?

First, some backstory.

Back in the day, John Zorn wrote two hundred fucking tunes and called this shit “The First Masada Book”. He played this shit with his super-duper band and named each album release after a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Dude is easily one of the most talented and ambitious motherfuckers on earth. You’d think he’d be tired after writing all these songs. But not Zorn. Zorn is a fucking machine. In 2014, dude goes and writes over three hundred fucking songs and calls this shit “The Book of Angels”. This time, instead of playing all of it himself, he gets other people to do it for him. Well … most of the time.

Each volume is named after an angel from Judeo-Christian mythology or demonology. There are no actual angels playing this shit. But it’s as close as Zorn could get. The list of names that perform on some of these albums include: Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier; Marc Ribot; Ben Goldberg; Cyro Baptista; Erik Friedlander; Medeski, Martin and Wood; Joe Lovano; and Pat Metheny. The list goes on. This album collection is an absolute gem to listen to and a fantastic way to broaden your musical scope. It has gotten so popular that there’s shit called “Masada Marathons” where people play Masada shit for hours on end. If this was written by anyone else, it would be a form of cruel and unusual punishment. But Zorn is such a fucking master that you never get bored. If I had to give a list of names that I think are modern day Mozarts, Zorn would be in the top five. The dude is a pure fucking genius. 

To listen to Zorn you’ve got to have an open mind. He’s not for the peevish or faint of heart and neither are the musicians that play on this shit. These motherfuckers are way the fuck out there. But it’s”out there” where you find shit that scares you, freaks you out, that helps you grow, makes you fall in love, and can change you mind or perspective. It’s where most of the new shit lives. This collection is one of the freakiest living composers played by some of the freakiest living players on earth. Mind your hats going in, motherfuckers.

Here are a few different links with some different styles for you to check out:

Uri Caine – Book of Angels Vol. 6: Moloch

Secret Chiefs 3 – Xaphan: Book of Angels Volume 9

The Dreamers – Ipos: Book of Angels Volume 14 

Leonard: Book Of Angels Volume 30 – John Zorn – Garth Knox And The Saltarello Trio

Mycale: The Book Of Angels Vol 13

Zion80: The Book of Angels Vol 22




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