Off for the weekend

So, instead of my usual fucking rant, I’m inviting you to write a review or two about your favourite albums! If you want to, that is. You see, I’ll be celebrating Christmas in late November for 2 weeks, so you’ll get a chance to send me some write ups. I’m not looking for albums that everyone fucking knows, but those that slipped through the cracks. Albums that have influenced your life in a big fucking way. Albums that you feel would make the world better if they were heard by everyone. Please! No self promotion. That’s fucked up. Don’t be that dick. We’re not here to stroke your band’s cock. Be a lover of music. Be an audiophile. Be a listener. I’ll read over what comes to me, edit your shit, and publish it here. Show the world what you love. If not, I’ll have others write some shit or just leave the two weeks blank. But I don’t want that. I would rather we show the world what you’ve got. Up to you lovely audiophiliac motherfuckers. Up to you.

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