Various Artists – Brainfeeder X


Label mixes are the fucking shiiit!!!

I know there are a lot of fake ass motherfuckers that think they can just throw down some broke ass Spotify playlist and call it a day. But let’s be straight, these playlists suck. They’re fucking terrible. Rarely have I been chilling at someone’s house, or been to a party, and a Spotify playlist is getting my blood going. Spotify works like Netflix: throw in a few good hits and bury them with tons of day-old banal garbage. You spend half the night scrolling through what’s there, eventually find something you already know, and reluctantly put it and think, “does the world have something new to offer?” Ya, it totally does. Straight up? There’s good shit everywhere. But, here’s the deal, it’s curated to make you scroll. Scrolling means some motherfucker is rolling. Let me adjust my tinfoil hat before I drop some truth on your asses: Lots of companies want you bored and scrolling because the more you scroll, the more ads you watch. The more ads you watch? The more money these dickheads make. Attention and time is one of modern society’s most valuable resources. Even what you’re reading, right here and right now, fattens Matt Mullenweg’s wad (who has a net worth of 40 Mil). I don’t make a motherfucking dime off this, Matt does. Some of the smartest people alive, the top of the pops of the Ivy leagues, graduate and then spend every waking second of their lives dedicated to figuring out how to make you stay on a page for another 5 seconds. After all this, you think the reason you spend most of your day scrolling is an accident? I think not. 

So, now that you’re thoroughly depressed, here’s something we can do about it. Support artists and labels that you love. Brainfeeder is one of those labels that makes dope fucking tunes. Remember, they’re not paying me to say this. This shit is just the truth. And they’ve been doing it for the past X (ten) years. The first 17 tracks look into the past. It goes over some of the hot names under the label like: Iglooghost, TOKiMONSTA, Daedelus, Thundercat, Teebs, and Jeremiah Jae. If you’re blanking on these names, don’t worry about it. You’re here now and there’s still hope for you. Brainfeeder, a label started by Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison), represents some of the most forward thinking Hip-Hop and Electronic artists to ever don the disc or see an mp3. It’s strange music, but it’s also fly as fuck. The next 19 tracks after all these are all about what’s to come. If you wanna hear the future of music? It’s right here. And, all I can really say is this: the future is strange, juicy, and bright as the goddamn sun.

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