Malibu Ken, Aesop Rock & TOBACCO -Malibu Ken


Fuck, I love me some Aesop. 

The dude has flows thicker than Shakespeare. No shit. Actually. I’m not fucking kidding. Literary dicks love to say The Bard (William Shakespeare’s rapper name) had it all including the largest vocabulary around. Thing is, under the same test, Aesop Rock scored way the fuck higher. This is no surprise to anyone that actually listens to Aesop Rock. Dude makes you pick up a dictionary faster than a preteen does with a porno. His shit is thick. So, fat warning sign here, if you’re going to listen to this album get ready to plunge deep into some lyrical madness. 

Actually, if there’s one weakness I’ve heard people about Aesop, it’s that his shit is too thick. It’s like trying to suck a milkshake out of a skinny straw. Sometimes shit just doesn’t work. But, with TOBACCO producing these slick fucking sounds (famous for Black Moth Super Rainbow) that skinny ass straw doesn’t exist anymore. Now? This shit hits you like a fire hydrant on Viagra. It’s all money shot all the time. The beats and sounds follow the words to the fucking “T”. Sounds sit back when the words need to step up. And the sounds step up when the words require a helping hand. TOBACCO with Aesop Rock is a fucking dream team. Even though this album only clicks in at 34 minutes, it works like a philosophy book. You can’t judge this motherfucker by its size. I’ve seen stupid people read thick books. I’ve seen short people dunk. Or, as lots of motherfuckers like to say, it’s not about size but about the wielder of the tool. And with Aesop meets TOBACCO? It’s goddam Zorro with Kenshin Himura up in this bitch and they’re fucking like Greek Titans. 

Like I said before, when you deal with Aesop Rock you are dealing with lyrical madness. You’ve got to be ready to throw down some thick biblical allusions and lyrical paths. I’ve often said that rap is the modern day poetry. And if that’s the case, Aesop could possibly be the best there is. I know there will be other review sites out there telling you that this album isn’t as good as his older shit or that he doesn’t have anything new to say, but fuck that noise. From what I’ve listened to? This shit is dense, fun, and sweet. This shit is like chewing through a sonic caramel that happens to make you smarter instead of giving you cavities. The only thing that’s changed about Aesop is there’s more playfulness to be had and the lyrics are easier to digest because of the production. Outside of that? Aesop Rock is still the king. But now’s he’s got a dope throne that can support his lyrical weight. 


One thought on “Malibu Ken, Aesop Rock & TOBACCO -Malibu Ken

  1. Eminem but good – simplistic beats, but in this case, surprisingly complex. Insane rhyming and wordplay, but in this case, with depth. Easily digestible, but in this case, not because of the lack of substance but despite the abundance.


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