Bendik Giske – Surrender


It seems some people were destined to do a certain thing. Bendik Giske is one of those motherfuckers. Give this dude a stick, comb, or glass jar and he would make emotionally evocative and beautiful music from it. No shit. He’s just that creative. It really doesn’t matter what item dropped in his lap all those years ago, Bendik would’ve made fun, forward thinking, and delightfully fucked up music with whatever it happened to be. So, what dropped in Bendik’s lap at 12-years-old so he could make this cerebral ambient ethereal electronic jazz jam of an album? A fucking saxophone.

Do you remember who played the sax back in school band? I’ll give you a hint: motherfucker never got laid. The sax player was usually the one that would end up playing thrilling games of D&D, Tetris, Pokémon, or whatever nerdcore game was popular in your generation. With the way Bendik plays, teenagers are all going to clamour over the sax section. Fuck drums. Fuck guitar. Want real sex appeal? Play the sax. In a similar style to Colin Stetson, Bendik doesn’t use too many effects to make his sax sound so fucking cool, just expert production and miking. When you hear what seems to be some sort of a drum track, that’s just Bendik hitting those finger pedals on the sax and making beats out of it. When you hear a continuous loop of drone and harmonics coming out that golden pipe, he’s circular breathing that shit. Do you know what that means? He’s continually pushing air out of his mouth. Motherfucker could blow bubbles for days.

This album does what great albums often do: it’s difficult to place into a genre. At times it’s drone music until you start shaking that ass. At times it sounds electronic. Too bad that shit is purely acoustic. You could always try and squeeze that shit into the ever-versatile jazz label, but it just doesn’t feel right. Well, fuck, guess we’re going to have to throw it in with the avant-garde even though this shit is mad accessible. Straight up? It’s just beautiful fucking music. You hear each flicker and stutter as Bendik plays out these tunes: each breath in, each hammered note, his wonderful singing voice reverberating throughout that brass dome at the same time he’s playing the sax (I know, right?). Bendik shows everyone that’s it’s not about what you’re given, but what you do with it. Way back in the Neolithic days, some gape-mouthed troglodytes would look at a rock and see a weapon, a tool, or the smarter ones would even see shelter. But it’s people like Bendik that show us why humanity evolved so far. Because give Bendik a sax or a rock, that motherfucker’s going to make fire.



3 thoughts on “Bendik Giske – Surrender

  1. IDK, here in NZ the sax players are considered pretty steamy, at least the couple I’ve known. With that said, I’ll tuck this in the ‘looped-and-fucked-with-solo-instrument’ pile, next to the cello album.

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