Mereba – The Jungle Is The Only Way Out

merebaWell, this is something truly fucking special.

The production on this album is fucking slick. Shit’s smoother than the ass end of a shaved baby angel at a butter factory going through a yogurt spill. Why is there is yogurt spill in a butter factory? Because Mereba is that fucking slick, that’s why. And, outside of the legendary 9th Wonder’s work on “Black Truck”, Mereba produced/co-produced every track on this motherfucker. So, all that thick and fantastic noise that you hear on this talent-laden album is pure Mereba. That shit is rare. Most artists dropping an album this badass are side-by-side with a team of producers that have had skin in the game since before you were born. But it’s not just Mereba’s insane production that makes this album what it is.

The lyrics on songs like “dodging the devil” are fucking insane. Lines like, “With that grit comes this known opposition, like addictions, evictions, convictions, lost visions, love riddled with truths hidden, world trippin’ ‘She’s just glitchin’” are examples of her lyrical prowess that never sacrifices meaning for technique. Obviously, this line is rapped. How the fuck else could this shit be said? And even though Mereba can spit, that’s not all she does. Her singing voice is beautiful. Her voice isn’t beautiful for a rapper. It’s just beautiful. I would even argue that her singing voice is better than her rap. But that shit is hard to say. I had the same debate years ago when I first listened to Lauryn Hill’s “Miseducation”. At the end of the day, these two do both like motherfuckers.

If that wasn’t all, Mereba released a visual ep before this record came out. It’s fucking awesome. She stars in it. Cause, you know, some people really can just do it all. These videos aren’t just randomly made. They aren’t music videos. This shit has story and feeds into the words that are being sung. The videos amplify what’s already on the album. This is one of the best R&B albums I’ve heard in a long time. And, obviously, I’m not the only one to think so. Who the fuck gets J.I.D. and 6LACK to feature on their debut album? Someone with buckets of talents and shit to say, that’s who.


One thought on “Mereba – The Jungle Is The Only Way Out

  1. Exciting. ‘Who the fuck gets J.I.D. and 6LACK to feature on their debut album?’ The future of hip-hop, down to the features. I think Soundcloud/mumble/autotune rap has finally broken down the barrier between rapping and singing – Lauryn (and holy shit I love that one album) and Andre 3k were firmly on top of it, but it took this long to break it down. Now that we’re allowed melodies *in the rapping*, the inevitable next wave of soulful, r&b-tinged hip-hop is gonna be something to see.

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