Sweet Mama Baby Jama!

Hello, you beautiful audiophiliac motherfuckers! Check out these new threads. Yes, I know, these are the barest of bones, just how we like it. With all the superfluous whipped cream fireworks and car salesmen snake-oiling their musical views, why not clear the dust and bullshit before people hang their hats and take to their seats.

Of course, with any new sartorial endeavour, I don’t want my fat ass breaking through the seams. So if I happen to have a major case of uni-boob, if my fly is down, or if I’m accidentally pulling a Coppertone baby, let me know. So far I’ve been asked to fix fonts, add icons, throw up some wraparound texts, hopefully place some album thumbnails, and (my bane, blight, and burden) a fucking search function. Any and all comments or suggestions are welcome. This is your hat and your place to hang it. If there’s shit on the floor, please let the staff know.

Enjoying the digs?

No? Yes?

Contact me all private styles (brightlyoffcoloureddiscophile@gmail.com) or comment down below with your views.

And, as always, keep listening you beautiful bastards.

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