Marvin Gaye – You’re the Man

you'rethemanA new Marvin release in 2019? What the fuck?

It’s no secret that people have been fucking to Marvin songs for years. Dude could seduce a score of nuns, a team of monks, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, and you’d still be waving that motherfucker goodbye like he was a Santa Claus you wanted to fuck. Marvin is one of the greatest to have ever lived. Hands down. His early death at the hands of his own father was a huge loss in music. So what’s up with this secret album shit? What’s the fucking story there?

It’s ’72, you live in the US, and the Republican candidate and current president, Richard Nixon is going against George McGovern in the election. McGovern wants to get the fuck out of Vietnam. Nixon keeps talking about having a strong economy and being successful. You’ve just released a mega album called What’s Going On. The album openly talks about Vietnam vets returning home hella fucked up. You’ve shown black America that it can speak out against social issues while still keeping people fucking and dancing. You don’t like Nixon. You hate that crooked fucking smile, giant nose, and you know he’s knee-deep in that nasty sick shit. (Of course, the world would figure this out in a couple years when Watergate launches and prez peaces like a little bitch.) At this time, people still like the dude. You decide to go against the motherfucker through song. You release a song called “You’re The Man” that’s going to headline a full political album. It has lyrics like, “We don’t want to hear more lies about how you plan to economize.” The song doesn’t do well. After some convincing, you throw the track and the album out. You go on to make Let’s Get It On. You’re a goddamn superstar.

This album is a political bullet propelled by angry fucking funk force and it’s aimed at the head of Nixon. The correlations between 1971 and 2019 are fucking freaky. Thinking about this can be kind of depressing. How are we still dealing with the same bullshit? Why does it seem like things haven’t changed? You could picture Donald Glover, in the form of Childish Gambino, releasing an album very similar to this but aimed at Trump. Dollars to donuts, if Marvin Gaye was young in 2019, he’d be the one releasing the anti-trump funk album. In other words, things have changed a fuckton since ’71. Back then, the general public wasn’t ready to hear about politics from a black musician. But we’ve pimped butterflies, fucked police, and fought the power since then. We’re welcoming to political jams to fuck to. Is this album good? Shut your hole. This is Marvin Gaye at his prime. Even with a Christmas song thrown in the mix, if you don’t like this then you just don’t like Gaye. What’s surprising is how sharp the album’s teeth are after all this time. It can still make the impact that Marvin wanted it to have all those years ago. That is if the people will fuck and listen to it.

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