Fat White Family – Serfs Up!

FWFThis album is a clusterfuck of pure undiluted awesomeness. It’s a hodgepodge of influences vigorously shaken, put through a fuck-you blender, and squeezed out in one smooth gelatinous stream. Within one five-second span you’ll hear some Lou Reed, Suicide, the experimental side of the Beatles, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nick Cave, The Shins, Throbbing Gristle, Jimi Hendrix, and ELO. In the five seconds after that, you’ll be reminded of eight other bands. But at no time does the album feel laden, directionless, overambitious, or pretentious. It’s truly its own thing and it’s fucking amazing. It’s subtle electrified disco with punk sensibilities. It’s a broken down organ beat played by Echo & the Bunnymen if they happened to be zombies. It’s Supertramp fucking Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound and cumming a sax solo. It’s early Beck on a fuckton of opium. An adorable b-side cut from a K-pop NIN. It’s a stripper song intended for a stripper to physically age their entire lifetime during the span of the song. This album is out there, heavy with rock and pop influences, and fucking beautiful.

If you didn’t catch this already, this probably won’t be the album you fall instantly in love with. This doesn’t dazzle with baby blues, lashes, legs for days, tight t-shirts, a perky ass, easy beats, and plucky lyrics. And that’s because there’s nothing cheap in this shit. It wasn’t intended to be like lustful fast food filling a hole but leaving you empty. On the first listen it’s freaky, off-putting, but intriguing as hell. On the second listen, you’ll be more comfortable. You might even smile a little. But it’s the third motherfucker that will make you fall deeply in love. And, as we all know, once you fall for that complex character with more layers than a fractalled onion dressed up for winter, that baby-blued perky-assed t-shirted piece of shit no longer has appeal. It reveals itself to be a shallow mess. Like with most of the really good shit in this world, it takes a bit longer to get your head around.

Fat White Family has always been an edgy band. They enjoy fucking people up. But this album is them at their most realized, most sophisticated, and direct. This album’s title is no mistake. When the Beach Boys finally dropped the act and made their renowned album Smile, the world had no choice but to take them seriously. This is Fat White Family’s version of that. And it’s fucking brilliant.


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