A Few Albums To Listen To When Tumours Are Being Mega Cunts

If you’ve been following along with this strange site, you’ll know I haven’t been as prolifically productive because cancerous tumours are mega cunts. Hear that? Total fucking assholes. Motherfuckers invented racism, traffic, and told Hitler that his art was shit after stealing his lunchbox. But even though I’m helping my pa recover after a mega-fucking surgery, doesn’t mean I’m not listening to tunes. Music is my drug. It’s been my guiding fucking light. I’m truly a fucking addict. So, until my shit gets back to a semblance of normalcy, I’m going throw up my selection of some nice, new, and gnarly tunes in the week instead of trying to lay down the daily. Cool? Cool.

Hayden Pedigo – Valley of the Sun

Got the feels for Fahey? Then you’re going to love this shit. It’s a perfect blend of fucked up, folk, and electronic. Hayden’s open-stringed guitar lays down the tracks as psychedelic effects add an extra depth to the already immersive tone and style. It’s some seriously transportive shit with a calm heart. It produces a similar effect to calmly fishing the ammonia rivers of Jupiter and catching pounds of nostalgia and heaps of days spend in bed next to a lover. This is both completely comforting and totally fucking out there.

David Allred – The Cell

Have you ever wished that motherfuckers like Nils Frahm and Peter Broderick played folk music? Wow! That’s such an ultra-specific desire! Great thing David Allred is that kinda jam. It’s easy to compare this album’s spaced out folky moments to early Bon Iver albums. But David takes these moments, hot boxes the motherfuckers until time no longer moves linearly, and builds them a cabin in the Rockies. There’s such a sense of an analgesic home on these tracks it’s like floating through space in a fetal position and covered with a comfort blanket.

Kinkajous – Hidden Lines

Goddamn it, I love when jazz does this shit right! Here’s another band to add to the pile of London motherfuckers killing the scene right now. Instead of focusing on that intimate feel though, this album goes expansive. It’s big. It’s synthy. It’s ’80s nostalgic cool. And even though it rides that boundary between slick and cheesy like it’s ice skating, I feel like the album falls on this side of Herbie Hancock and Sons of Kemet.

If you’re been reading closely, you’ll see a Jupiter/Space theme to each of these write-ups. One of the fucking songs on Kinkajous’s album is even called “Jupiter”. Before listening to these albums, you’ll be more likely to believe this shit’s a coincidence. But after listening to this shit and getting sonically high on the depths of Folk and Jazz, you’ll believe fucking Zeus himself originated this shit by raining a goddamn lightning bolts from Mount fucking Olympus.

Thanks for all your understanding at this time and for the continued support from all of you. You guys are fucking badass. I’ll be back when I can.

And, as always, keep listening.





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