What the Fuck is June?: Tunes To Become One With Heat

Moodie Black – MB I I I. V MICHOA

This shit is dirty, nasty, and grimy as a motherfucker. These beats could sneak up behind you and shank your ass with the sharpened end of a toothbrush. Moodie Black fits nicely in the genre of noise rap. It’s all about those distorted beats and fat basslines. This is perfect for that angry claustrophobic space that rap can do better than anyone else. If you want a thick nihilistic push while driving downtown in a crowded car with bass shaking so heavy that the smoke exhaled from that tightly wrapped joint dances and shifts to the sound waves, then this is your motherfucker. It lays it down thick without apology. This EP gets me excited for what’s to come.

Sanctuary Lakes – Sanctuary Lakes

If you like the bands Air or Tame Impala then you’ll like this shit. Tim Hoey of Cut Copy and Andy Szekeres of Midnight Juggernauts are two Australian fucks that decided to collaborate together to make this album/band. They make the kind of grooves that remind you of drinking out of a hose, jumping through the sprinkler, or closing your eyes while lying on the beach. Shit makes you max relax like a sociopath sitting in an outdoor bath amongst the aftermath of a bloodbathed warpath of half-wrath mechanized psychopaths. It’s electric, chill, and held together with a subtle tension created by a looming sense of evanescence. In other words, solid summer album.

Local Suicide – Leopard Gum

Ya, it’s an EP. Ya, it’s basically one song over and over again. But it’s also groovy as fuck. Local Suicide have released a series of EPs in this last year. I’ve been waiting for them to release an official album, but I don’t think that’s their style. This EP, like their many others, include good tunes for those late night drives. Their constant idiosyncratic beats have a tendency to keep your head in the clouds while your foot floors the gas. Fantastic jams.

His Name Is Alive – All the Mirrors In The House

This motherfucker has been kicking it hard ever since the ’90s. In certain groups and within certain strange minds, Warren Defever, the main member of this band, is a big fucking deal. He flipped out massive album after massive album like it wasn’t a thang. He changed the fucking game out of nowhere. This album is a collection of recordings that Warren made back in ’79—’86. Check it: Guy was born in ’69. Some of this shit was made when he was 10. Get that? Fucking 10. While others were horrified at their looming and roaring freshly budding genitals, Warren was recording awesomeness.


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