Zebra Katz – Less Is Moor

lessmoorYou ever eat something so sour your muscles tense up, your eyes squint, your feet flex, and your mouth goes straight cat’s asshole? Ever make that same face when a thick, rough, and dirty bass drops? Well, if you’re one of these motherfuckers, here’s a fresh bowl of sonic hot ’n’ sour. The bass on this bitch is so heavy and nasty it’s like a pair of citrus legs, spread wide and dripping acid, just waiting for someone to lick its tangy tumescent pulp. This tart is so tarted up it’s tartly tardy but, of course, only fashionably so. Hold up. What da fuck was that? I’m saying this bass is so thick it’s like a pool of mercury, so nasty it doesn’t hesitate for the ass, and so low it’s below freezing and ripping off its own grandmother. Damn, now that shit is low.

These beats feel like a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Saul Williams. And like the great Saul Williams, Zebra Katz (Ojay Morgan) isn’t rapping overtop for kicks. Dude is saying something. Even if tracks have lines like, “All I wanna do is keep the dance floor jumping and that ass bump-bumping” there’s intellectualism involved. Think I’m lying? Don’t believe me? Good. I’m fucking glad. Now I get to prove you wrong. Ojay came up with his character Zebra Katz while studying liberal arts in uni. It took him half-a-fucking-second after arriving to realize that black guys were often typecast. He took his views and anger out in his senior thesis called, “Moor Contradictions” a title which is a play on words for all the Moorish characters in Shakespeare. Moorish: Back in the day name for people of colour for some stupid fucking reason (originally described people from the Roman province Mauretania [place in North African] but was eventually used to describe Muslims in Europe until the Renaissance came around and then Moor, or blackamoor, described any person with dark skin. Like I said, some stupid fucking reason.) One of the characters Ojay played in his thesis was Zebra Katz, a badass motherfucker that could rap about any subject thrown his way. The character blew up on social media. Ojay released a mixtape in this character that was so hot he got to tour with the Gorillaz. Pretty cool, right?

Ojay took himself out for five years of long contemplation and character assessment before dropping this album. Sure, Zebra Katz was a character like Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” or Saul William’s “NiggyTardust!” But did people get that? I feel like in this debut, Ojay makes fucking sure we do. There’s a signature line throughout this album that goes, “Zebra fucking Katz”. On the first track, this mantra is crystal clear and sung by a choir. It eventually becomes more bogged down, muffled, and distorted as these baselines and club hits become stronger and stranger. By the last song, this line is distorted and augmented to the point where it’s frightening. You wanna have your club hits? Zebra Katz tears this shit apart until it sounds like Venetian Snares. This is a thick and nasty message that makes ya think and shake your ass at the same time. Because, as they say, there’s more than one way to get a PhD from the stripper pole. But because we’re all social distancing and staying inside to save lives, I suggest giving the album a try before going to da club.





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