The Chronic … Back Pain

You might be asking yourself, what the fuck, Brightly? You said you’d be posting? What the fuck, dude?

Well, as you can tell from this title, I’ve followed the so many wondrous musicians into the world of outrageous back pain. If you’re asking how back pain could stop you from sitting down at a desk and writing some shit then you’ve never truly experienced back pain. Ever have a cavity, or a pain in your tooth, so fucking painful that it took away all of your thoughts and sensibility? Where you just became a different person? When you find yourself shouting at people for the simplest things just cause of the pain you’re in? Now, imagine that same feeling in your spine as surges of pain shoot down your leg, you can’t think a single thought through the electric buzz of pure pain, and you suddenly understand the real reason Hank Williams was an alcoholic; now that’s back pain. And guess what? Sitting makes it fucking worse. 

So, is this the end? Is this how it goes?

Naw, fuck that.

I’m going to fight through this shit cause I’m not some fucking quitter. I barely even quit cigarettes. The reason I’m even sitting here tapping out keys to y’all is cause I’m already working on this dumb motherfucker but, I’ll need some fucking time.

So, please, bear with me a bit as I rearranged my entire skeleton.

And, as always, keep listening

P.S. Huge shout out to Robin McKenzie’s, “Treat Your Own Back”. The cover is fucking terrible but that meat is pure spicy deliciousness. If any of you are in a position between surgery and a lifetime of pain medication, please check this book out first. The process in it is gruelling if you follow it to the letter but, because of this, I can finally see myself as not having back pain for the rest of my life. Goddamn lifesaver. Also, if you happen to be 17-years-old, just avoid downhill mountain biking if you can. It’s super fun but some piece of shit garbage human will eventually think it’s funny to put a giant obstacle in your path and you’ll end up fucking up your spine something fierce which will affect the rest of your life and have you recommending books like Treat Your Own Back and shit.

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