Kid Koala – Music to Draw to: Satellite featuring Emilíana Torini

musictodrawA baby Koala steps out from behind two record players and picks up some instruments. Huh?

Eric San (aka Kid Koala) is a famous Canadian DJ and Turntablist that seems to be in a continual pursuit of challenging himself and what it means to perform. Motherfucker has created major fucking projects with his hands on top of some records like: Gorillaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School, and Deltron 3030. He’s also composed music for shorts and series and has contributed to movie scores like “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, “The Great Gatsby” and “Baby Driver”. Dude is fucking everywhere. But, every once in a while, he just sets up little hangouts for people to draw, hang out, and, basically, just do artsy shit for a night. People sit at tables to draw and drink hot chocolate all while listening to some background tunes he has made: thus, “Music To Draw To”.

You might think that just because this music is meant to be drawn to that Eric put as minimal effort as possible into making this album. But this isn’t the case. Dude produces and performs all the instruments on the record. He uses synths, guitars, basses, strings, and a bunch of other shit to make this album. This album was created for a night in Montreal. He could have invited anyone to sing on this record, some no name, someone local, or no singer at all. Instead, he calls in the talents of Emilíana fucking Torini. 

Don’t know who Emilíana is? Her 2003 album “Fisherman’s Woman” blew me away. I think I memorized the entire fucking album the first night I got it. Lady has got some distinct, ethereal, and gorgeous pipes.

Lyrics were written by Eric and Emilíana together. The words suit the drone-like, spacious, and positive ambient tones of the record. As far as I can tell, it’s about two people writing love letters to each other: one being on earth and the other on their way to Mars. It’s lighthearted. It’s simple. And I could see some asshole saying this as a bad thing. But they can fuck-the-right-off cause someone that confuses heaviness with value and lightness with cheapness doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. If this was going to be a subject heavy album, it probably wouldn’t be called “Music to [fucking] Draw to”.

If you buy a potato from the grocery store, don’t be pissed cause your potato is a potato. That would be a stupid fucking thing to do, wouldn’t it?

The title of the album tells you what this album is meant to be used for. It’s background music. It’s atmospheric. Don’t’ worry, there’s no disrespect to do this. You have permission. 

More props should be given to Eric for doing what he does. He sets up spaces for people to draw, study, write, collect their thoughts, and be surrounded by people delving into their own imaginations. He could travel the globe and perform in clubs to young coked out sex bots grinding on each other like apes in a zoo. Instead, he chooses to create spaces to relax, drink hot chocolate, and study and taking the focus off himself and onto the people in the audience. How fucking cool is that? 

Want to join in? It’s easy. Make your favourite hot beverage, put on this album, and dig into your imagination anyway you prefer. Fuck, you can even draw if you like. 

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