Justin Wright – Music for Staying Warm

JustinwrightThough this is Justin’s debut album, you’ve already heard the motherfucker.

Dude’s cello has backed some of the greatest in the game including: Colin Stetson, Hauschka, Bing & Ruth, Mount Eerie, Jeremy Dutcher, and Jóhann Jóhannsson (RIP, you beautiful bastard). So unless you listened to all that shit and felt the cello playing was subpar (which, if you did, you’re a fucking liar) then you know that Justin’s got some major talent. It’s hard to find a good cello player. Straight up? If you find a cello player that’s in tune, you’re doing alright. It’s a difficult instrument to play. And even when you do find a good player, they’re generally climbing that classical ladder all the way up classic mountain to classic town. Everybody wants to be the next Yo-Yo Ma. Half the time these bowed fucks work so hard on technique they lose their heart trying to make it in the game. They lose that touch, that purity, that sensitivity that separates the technically proficient from the wowy-wowy-wow. But, not Justin. Naw, his path went a whole different route.

Like most classical stories, dude was throwing down heavy vibrations at the young age of eight. He was set on the road of being a full classic classical music douchebag. Then in university he got his Masters in, wait for it, molecular fucking biology. For real, he was on his way to becoming a prof. He dropped out of the game in order to pursue music as an adult. Now this shit takes courage. Pursing the arts is easy when you’re young and dumb. But dropping out a field you’ve dedicated your life to, with a full understanding of how difficult it really is to make it, in order to chase a wish and a dream? I understand why that cello is so big and set between Justin’s legs, it’s so he has a place to put those massive fucking balls.

This album was created by a quartet and set in the Rocky Mountains. The tracks are open, experimental, and improvised. They drift throughout the room with a complete peace. None of these players have lost that touch. They aren’t here to impress. They’re here to make beautiful music. If you’ve chilled out to the Rachels, Amiina, or Sigur Rós, welcome to your new favourite jam. This music has an empyreal nature that gets those emotive and cerebral parts cranking the fuck out. This music slows time down enough for a listener to reflect on just how beautiful this whole cosmic chaotic fuckery really is.

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